Passion Runs Deep

The South Pacific World War II Museum brings together a diverse group of people with an incredible drive and passion to see one community’s dream turn into reality. The Elwood J Euart Association which was formed by the group to get the project off the ground, is managing the fund raising and project management of the Museum during these key establishment phases of the project. As the Museum comes to fruition, it will be managed by its own independent committee, pooled from the local community that calls Santo home.

The Elwood J Euart Management Team

Bradley Wood
Bradley WoodChairman

Bradley was born in Ipswich, Queensland Australia, and grew up in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast where he studied carpentry and joinery. In 1987 he moved to Vanuatu to work on rebuilding projects after Cyclone Uma and he now lives in Luganville, Santo, with his wife Ruth, daughter and two sons. Bradley is the managing director of Santo Hardware, a leading hardware store in the northern town, with a great passion to help develop local communities. He has been instrumental in the development of Luganville and widely involved in community works. He was recently awarded the Paul Harris fellow certificate of recognition by Rotary International for his efforts and support with rebuilding a school after cyclone PAM. He was also a recipient of the Silver Jubilee medal from the President of Vanuatu in recognition for his contributions towards the development of Vanuatu. He remains a committed individual very passionate in helping Santo and Vanuatu preserve the WWII history of Vanuatu.

Bill Widup is from the United States of America, and is not only a veteran of the US Army, but also the proud son of a distinguished Army veteran. Since arriving in Vanuatu in 2004, he and his family – wife Christina and four children – have considered Santo Island their home. Bill leads Up & Up Ministries, a non-profit, interdenominational mission organization that facilitates the preservation of Vanuatu’s indigenous languages through Bible translation, vernacular education and practical training. The relationships he’s forged across various sectors of the Luganville community—and his own military heritage—give him a passion for seeing the South Pacific WWII Museum become a reality. He is also one of the founding members of the Museum.

Bill Widup
Bill WidupTreasurer
Mayumi Green
Mayumi GreenSecretary

Mayumi Green was born in Tokyo, Japan, and has lived in Espiritu Santo for 28 years with her husband and family. She arrived in Vanuatu in 1988 to start up a scuba diving operation with her Australian husband after they met in Brisbane. For 19 years she was a dive guide on the SS President Coolidge. Her involvement with the Coolidge led her to learn a great deal about Vanuatu’s WWII history and has since developed her own collection of WW2 artefacts. She is now operating a successful inbound tour operation in Santo, Wrecks to Rainforest, which got her involved in remote bush area explorations in Santo and on other islands. Her love for Vanuatu has led to her wide involvement with the communities in the northern islands of Vanuatu, including the local communities in Santo. Mayumi was one of the founding members of the Elwood J Euart Association.

Mary came to Vanuatu in 2011 as a New Zealand volunteer working as a Waste Management Adviser for the Luganville Municipal Council. Five years on, Mary has started her own business, WasteWise Consulting and now calls Santo home. Mary is currently the Project Manager for a three year tourism project working with Ni-Vanuatu tourism operators to build capacity and business development skills. It is through this current role that Mary joined the Elwood J Euart Association and brings with her skills in strategic planning, policy development and experience in marketing and communications.

Mary O-Reilly
Mary O-ReillyCommittee Member
Rayman Leung
Rayman LeungCommittee Member

Rayman was raised in Vanuatu and his family have lived in Santo since before Independence. Rayman owns and manages a boutique hotel in the centre of Luganville, The Espiritu Hotel. This is also the current site of the South Pacific WWII Pop Up Museum. Outside of work Rayman is very involved in the community as Vice Chairman of The Espiritu Santo Tourism Association and also involved with the Santo Travel Information Centre and the Cruise Ship Committee. Rayman joined the Elwood J Euart Association in 2014 and brings with him extensive local knowledge of Santo and excellent industry and community connections.

Steve joined the Elwood J Euart Association as an inaugural committee member, when the association was first formed around five years ago. Steve is a qualified Mechanical Engineer, who has worked in the construction industry, running his own business in Western Australia successfully for 35 years. His experience gained over this period sees him to bring to the Museum project his management skills in finance, strategic planning, contract law and administration to assist the committee. Steve has a keen interest in Second World War history with both his parents participating in the armed forces during this period. He is passionate about keeping the legacy of the South Pacific conflict alive for future generations.

Steven Turner
Steven TurnerCommittee Member

In Memoriam

Alma Wensi
Alma WensiExecutive Officer

Alma Wensi was a young Ni-Vanuatu from Malekula, the second largest island of the Vanuatu archipelago. In 2014, he relocated to Santo from Efate with his wife and family, where he continued to work in various roles in the Government and private sectors. In fact he was among a very few pioneers of the establishment of Digicel’s terrestrial network in Vanuatu, pre and post liberalisation of the telecommunications market.

Alma was employed by the Elwood J Euart Association in October 2016. From that moment on, the South Pacific World War II Museum project thrived on Alma skills in project management, his local experience and knowledge of Ni-Vanuatu culture and history.

Alma also assisted local communities and churches and was a Rotarian involved with community-based projects and supporting community development.

So it came as a deep shock to all involved in the museum when we heard that Alma had passed away suddenly on June 25. He had given so much to the project and had so much more to contribute, his loss will be felt for a very long time. If you’d like to learn a little more about this very special man, we have a page dedicated to him here.

If there’s anything you would like to know about the South Pacific World War II Museum, please contact us and we’ll get back to you very soon.