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We’ve just completed an update of our interactive map of Santo.
As was the case with the previous map, it includes the locations of as much of the base infrastructure during World War II, that we could find. Airfields, roads, ports, docks, hospitals, maintenance facilities, ammunition storage, fuel facilities, even cinemas and bakeries were dotted across the south east corner of the island. However, this time around we’ve added more information from a previously undiscovered map, that has allowed us to fill in many holes in our research. The base image uses Google Maps’ most recent imagery of Luganville, following the the devastation brought by Tropical Cyclone Harold in April 2020.

You’ll find if you click on any of the coloured icons, an information panel will open, providing more detail on that location. Any supporting images will scroll through on a ‘carousel’ viewer at the top. Clicking on any of the images will open the image in full screen view. Additionally, at the bottom of the infopanel windows there is a get directions link. There you can create driving, walking or even riding directions from one location to another. A handy feature if you ever travel to Santo and want to explore some of the locations.

We have also provided a button in the top left corner that switches on and off the 1943 photograph to view Luganville as it is today. And the small round yellow ‘play’ icons dotted around the map feature our collection of one minute videos we filmed which help locate where each was shot.

The map covers the area from Aore Island in the South all the way up the east coast to Turtle Bay Fighter Airfield, so there’s lots to explore.

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