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The excitement is building

The South Pacific World War II Museum will be unlike any museum in the world today. Not only will it be a fully immersive, interactive experience about the Pacific Theatre during World War II, it will stand in the middle of where everything took place – on the site of a former World War II US Navy base in Luganville, on the island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu. Not only will the museum be an exciting tourist destination, but it will create jobs and provide unique training opportunities for the local Santo people and bring a welcome source of income for the local economy.


New Museum Video Launches

A new year and a new chapter for the museum project. 2018 sees the beginning of the major fundraising needed to progress the museum. With that in mind we thought it was an appropriate time to launch a new video that highlights what we’ve achieved so far and our plans for the future. A special word of thanks to Karl von Moller (http://karlvonmoller.com) for some of the footage in the video and Simon Baumfield (http://boomafilm.com) for the underwater shots. Hope you enjoy it.

2018 Kicks Off At the Project Office

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the Museum. Already we’ve had two cruise ships come through Luganville late in 2017 and early 2018. As a result, the Museum Project Office and our mini museum was visited by a steady stream of passengers from the Noordam and Pacific Eden who enjoyed the air-conditioned comfort of our new facilities. Judging by their feedback and comments, we’re certainly on the right track in developing an exciting new tourist destination for the island. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank those passengers who kindly donated to the Museum and to Rick and Brad for the steady supply of fresh chilled pineapple for the passengers to enjoy.

“You could effectively say we will be the biggest museum in the world because it covers all of the south corner of Santo. You can go out, see it, feel it, and get that warm fuzzy feeling if you like for where it actually took place.”

Bradley Wood - Museum Founding Chairman

Where will the Museum be located?

The South Pacific World War II Museum will be built on the island of Espiritu Santo, one of the islands that make up the Pacific Islands nation of Vanuatu. You can zoom in to see just where that is on the map below.

Dreams and aspirations

Bradley Wood, Founding Chairman of the South Pacific World War II Museum, has been a passionate supporter and driver behind the establishment of a museum on Santo. In this interview Bradley describes the plans for the construction of the museum in Luganville, the major city on Santo in Vanuatu and the role he sees the museum playing in educating visitors.

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Come And Experience Espiritu Santo

Not only will the museum serve as a reminder of those who paid the
ultimate sacrifice, it will bring into focus the legacy they left behind.