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From crystal clear seas where Tales of the South Pacific was born. Three American President’s served their county – along with the with the First Lady of another. And the derring-do of young aviators, soldiers and sailors would become the thing of legends, comes a wartime history many have long forgotten and many more never knew existed.

Base Button as it was known, grew from nothing on a quiet, peaceful island – known more for its coconut plantations than bomber bases and stevedoring – into the largest military base in the South Pacific, playing host to over 500,000 service men and women.

It’s on that island, Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu that a dream is coming alive to commemorate, preserve and pass on that history to new generations of Ni-Vanuatu and visitors from around the world.

The Museum has a vital role to play in redefining the future of Sanma Province. The importance of its role cannot be understated.


Remember the sacrifices made by not only those who served, but those who supported allied forces in the Pacific


Teach future generations of Ni-Vanuatu, about the vital role Vanuatu played during the Pacific War


Provide a new sense of optimism and renewal to the town and people of Luganville. 

The Museum will be a cornerstone for education and a centrepiece of civic pride.

Latest news from the Museum project.

Allan Power Estate makes significant donation

The Museum was honoured to receive Allan Power’s Coolidge collection. (story)


Museum & school mark 79th anniversary of the Coolidge.

The Museum and Banban school commemorate the ship’s sinking. (story)


Museum Bigfala Sale a huge success in Unity Park.

Another big year for the Bigfala Sale, with help from some friends. (story)


Wonderful new artefacts donated to the Museum.

A Seaman’s life in the Merchant Navy will go on show at the Museum. (story)


New Ambulance named in Alma’s Honour.

ProMedical takes delivery of a special donation from the Japan’s Government. (story)


The Museum needs your help to keep things going.

December sees the launch of our first Museum fundraising campaign (story) 

News in brief

Dec 3 – Our November Newsletter has just hit the shelves! We’ve got some great news regarding our new (old) bank vault door that’s now up! We’ve also got s new volunteer who has come on board from New Zealand. Plus a new book has hit Amazon’s catalogue from Museum friend, Dr John Anderson. You’ll find all this and more in our newsletter here.

November 1 – What a busy month it’s been at the Museum. But of course the big news was the Allan Power Estate donating Allan’s amazing collection of Coolidge artefacts to the Museum. We’ve got a special feature story on the Coolidge, Allan and his almost limitless energy as caretaker of ‘The Lady’. There’s lots more in this month’s newsletter here.

October 22 – The South Pacific WWII Museum has partnered with the B-24 Liberator Memorial Australia to form the beginnings of a sister museum alliance.

B-24 Liberator Memorial Australia President Lyn Gorman said, “given our shared interests it makes a lot of sense to establish a link between the museums.”

South Pacific WWII Museum Project Manager James Carter agrees and said, “this exciting cooperation between our two museums could open up all sorts of new opportunities for us in Vanuatu and the guys in Melbourne.”

The B-24 Liberator Memorial Australia can be found at www.b24australia.org.au or on their Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/B24Werribee

October 5 – The September issue of the newsletter is a fascinating read this month. We examine the six bombing raids that took place on Santo in 1943. We cover the amazing story of the Lancaster bomber that flew under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Some new photos have been donated to the Museum. Plus a lot more. You’ll find the newsletter here.

September 30 – Australian researcher and author, Michael Claringbould and his publisher Avonmore books have very kindly donated three new books to the Museum.

The books, all related to the Pacific War, are meticulously researched and are a fascinating read for anyone with a passion for warbirds, military aviation or indeed scale modellers wanting exceptional reference. avonmorebooks.com.au

Aug 31 – A quieter month at the Museum but no shortage of fascinating stories in this month’s newsletter. Lengkon and Marina are assisting with the location and identification of WWII ordnance. There’s a humorous story about a priest, a ship’s captain and a missing piano. And what was the ugliest squadron patch ever created? Find out in our August newsletter here.

Aug 16 – The British Friends of Vanuatu and the editor of their magazine Norman J Shackley MBE, have donated a wonderful book to the Museum. ‘Task Force 9156 and III Island Command’, is regarded as one of the finest books about the establishment of the Advanced Naval Base on Efate during WWII. Thank you to Norman and the BFoV for your kind donation.

Aug 5 – Our July issue of the Museum newsletter has gone live. Another great issue featuring a wrap up of our annual Bigfala Sale fundraiser, a fascinating story about the B-17 bombers that kept landing with their wheels up, and much more. You’ll find the newsletter here.

Jul 6 – The June issue of our newsletter has been released. It’s a fascinating issue featuring some new donations to the Museum and guest author David Powers writing about the airfields on Efate. You’ll find the newsletter here.

Jun 28 – Our new website has just been released. While its content isn’t too different to the previous one, you’ll find the pages load much faster. The site has also been optimised for various devices from mobiles to PCs and laptops. We hope you enjoy it. 

May 5 –  We’ve just dropped the April edition of our newsletter into the Newsletter page on the website. More fascinating stories with links to the base on Espiritu Santo. And if you’re a Star Trek fan, you’ll enjoy the story about Gene Roddenberry and the B-17 crash that almost claimed his life, on Santo. You’ll find it here.

Apr 7 –  The March edition of our newsletter is now live on the website. It’s a bumper edition with two in-depth feature stories on the history of dog tags and a fascinating examination of the logistics behind Base Button on Santo. You’ll find it here.

Apr 2 –  The historynet.com website is running an in-depth story about the Museum and Santo’s WWII history following an interview with Museum Chairman Bradley Wood and Project Manager James Carter. You’ll find the interview here.

Mar 5 –  The February edition of our newsletter is now live on the website. This month’s edition features a second visit by the Japanese Ambassador to Vanuatu and our latest plans for the development of the museum. You’ll find it here.

Dec 29 –  Our last newsletter for 2020 is now live on our website. It features some fascinating articles about Santo, the Pacific Theatre along with the latest junior members to join the Museum family. You’ll find it here.

Dec 9 –  Great news this morning as Santo local David Epworth came in and donated a WWII Stokes Litter to the Museum’s collection.  You can find out more about it on our Facebook page here.

Dec 3 – The November edition of the Museum’s newsletter is out now. Lots of interesting stories and some new dioramas for the Museum You’ll find it on our ‘Newsletter’ page here.

The South Pacific WWII Museum and Project Office is now open.
Visit us Monday – Friday from 8.00am – 12.00pm midday.