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What is the South Pacific World War II Museum?

The South Pacific World War II Museum is a nonprofit institution dedicated to preserving the memory of former serving WWII servicemen and women while at the same time improving the lives of the current and future people of Vanuatu.

We’re going to achieve this by constructing a truly world class museum and educational complex on Espiritu Santo to inform, exhibit, preserve, educate and facilitate through the provision of exciting museum services.

However, it will be more than just a museum commemorating the lives of those who served in the Allied forces during World War II. It will become the centrepiece of an entire community, providing a invigorated focus for Vanuatu’s tourism industry.

Our primary goal

Our goal is to have the South Pacific WWII Museum in Luganville built within 10 years. In fact one of the conditions of the government lease is that the project must commence within five years and be completed within 10, so our deadlines must reflect those conditions. From the day we open our doors, we’ll provide a snapshot of wartime life in Vanuatu (or New Hebrides as it was known then), to future generations of Ni-Vanuatu people and honour and commemorate those who sacrificed their lives to ensure our freedom.

We believe our collection will educate, inspire and transform individuals of all ages and the local, regional, national, and international communities that we will inevitably serve.

Our Key Objectives


The Museum will utilise the highest levels of conservation professionalism to safeguard objects in the Museum’s care and maintain island history for future generations.


Richly diverse and carefully curated exhibition spaces, will capitalise on the richness and diversity of the unique items in the Museum’s collection.


Through educational programs, we’ll inspire people to appreciate the history of the South Pacific region and the critical role it played during World War II.

The Museum as the hub

Upon completion, the South Pacific World War II Museum will become the hub for discovering all there is to know about the World War II history of Santo. From short walks looking at local base infrastructure, to drives to see where the old bomber bases were, dives on wrecks, crashed aircraft in the mountains, bike tours, jungle walks, whatever your interest, the Museum will be your first port of call to find it.

Unearth History

If finding lost aircraft is what interests you, the Museum will set you in the right direction. Click on the video below and see one aircraft emerge from the jungles of Santo after 70 years.

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Rediscover The Past

Like to trek to see where a bomber went down? The Museum will arrange that too. The video below will show you a hint of the adventures you can have in and around Santo.

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Get Connected

Over the coming years as we head towards our funding target, we’ll be sharing our progress with the world. And as the construction phase of the Museum begins to swing into action, social media will become the hub of our news and important announcements. So get connected with us and keep up to date with all our progress.

Your contribution will help us create a lasting legacy for the people of Vanuatu.

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