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The South Pacific World War II Museum will be publicising its activities in the media to ensure as many people as possible see and hear about our progress. We will continue to use social media for more immediate news and updates with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages keeping you in the loop about what’s happening on Santo and the wider Pacific region. But as our story gets picked up around the world in newspapers magazines, radio and other news gathering websites, we’ll include links to those stories on this page. If you’d like to see or hear any of the stories featured below, simply click the appropriate thumbnail and the original story will open up in a new window.

Vintage Aviation News has featured our Dauntless.

A beautiful model of the dry dock is being donated to the museum.

Vintage Aviation News story about the museum.

Coolidge commemoration and exhibition big success.

Remembering the Coolidge 80 years on.

Stage 1 of Museum build announced.

A Historynet story on the museum from Tammi Johnson.

American War Memorials' have included the museum online.

Amazing new exhibit opens outside Museum.

Museum receives surprise award from Lord Mayor.

Mystery Corsair aircraft discovered off coast.

More support for the South Pacific WWII Museum.

Air Vanuatu confirms its support for the Museum.

SS President Coolidge Survivor's story lives on.

BSP leads its support to the South Pacific WWII Museumn

Museum partners with Darwin Military Museum.

Radio New Zealand’s interview with Brad about the museum.

ABC Pacific Beat’s radio segment about the museum.

The Daily Post ‘s story about our the launch of our website.

Island Life magazine ran a story about the launch of our website.

War History Online’s coverage of our new website launch.

Proof that JFK came to Espiritu Santo during World War II.

A Coolidge survivor makes a donation to the museum.

The museum makes new finds to add to the collection.

The museum secures the land on which the museum will be built.

A P-38 wreckage generously donated to the museum.

The launch of the new Museum Newsletter published monthly.

Captain Elwood J. Euart finally arrives home in the USA.

The lease for the land for the museum is finally signed.

First disabled person scuba dives SS President Coolidge.

The recovery begins to get Elwood J Euart home.

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