Our Vision and Mission

As important as it is to have something to strive for, it’s just as important to establish a vision for the future of the South Pacific World War II Museum.

Vision Statement

To be recognised as the world’s unique South Pacific WWII commemorative and living museum, putting Luganville, Espiritu Santo and Vanuatu on the world map.

It will be a destination of choice for remembrance and discovering the untold stories of the hidden history of suppling the allied war effort, enabling understanding and providing inspiration for the future.In turn this will position Luganville and Santo’s environs as an exciting, engaging and worthwhile tourist destination and the economic, educational and community centrepiece for both the town and Vanuatu.

Mission Statement

To build an attractive, solid and environmentally sustainable landmark on the Luganville beautified waterfront, and:

  • Bring to life the stories behind the collections, including the impressive WWII relics scattered throughout the land and in the sea around Santo, such as the world-renown diving site that is the sunken SS President Coolidge.
  • Acquire, document, preserve and exhibit the WWII military history which is reflective of Santo, Vanuatu and the South Pacific.
  • Tell the stories of the Pacific Theatre including the impact of the WWII on both the ni-Vanuatu, people of the South Pacific and the allied forces.
  • Inspire understanding, reflection and the value of peace and freedom.
  • Become a place of pilgrimage for ni-Vanuatu and relatives of allied forces connecting with the personal family history of those living, based or passing through Santo during the war.
  • Commemorate Elwood J Euart and all of those missing in action in the South Pacific waters.
  • Invigorate Luganville town pride and be the catalyst for new tourism ventures and tourism and service skills training.
  • Provide modern and ICT connected spaces for education and the community, becoming the hub for Luganville town and significant national conventions and events.
  • Provide the restaurant, amenities and services expected by international visitors.

With your assistance, we can create one of the world’s great museums.