TVL signs on as our latest Navara Sponsor.

Vanuatu telecommunications company TVL is the latest company to become a member of the South Pacific World War II Museum’s Navara Fund. TVL has signed a three-year contract with the Museum to provide high-speed communications services to the Museum project office in Luganville, Espiritu Santo.The Museum's Interactive map on show

Seven companies or individuals have now joined the Navara Fund, which has been created to support the running costs of the project office and its fundraising efforts. Project manager Alma Wensi says TVL is a great partner for the Museum. “Our vision is for a Museum that has modern information technology and is interactive for our young generation. The Museum's Interactive map on showWe look forward to working with TVL as a telecommunications leader in Vanuatu.” Mr Wensi says the Navara package provided to the Museum office is a great help. Fast broadband makes it easier for us to talk to the world and showcase our progress and vision. So TVL is very much making a difference for us.”

Mr Barlen Lutchmoodoo Chief Execuitve of TVL says it’s great to be associating with the Museum project.

“We are a company that deals every day with the changes in technology and the differences we can make to people’s lives. This is a project that is ambitious to do the same, and we are proud to be associating with it. TVL is committed to connecting the people of Vanautu with each other and the outside world, and there is exciting work underway to keep on improving our service.”

Alma Wensi says the TVL agreement comes very soon after the national carrier Air Vanuatu signed up for a second year of Navara Fund membership, and Henry Cumines Ltd became the sixth new member.

The Museum's Interactive map on show“We’re delighted that the Fund is growing as more companies want to be associated with the excitement of our project. The Navara Fund is a way they can be in on the ground floor and look to partner further with us when the Museum is built.”

If you’d like to become a Navara Fund member, contact Alma Wensi at