The Ocean Agency Launches
War In The Pacific on Google

The Ocean Agency is a ground-breaking non-profit organisation based in Washington DC, that uses the latest technology in their quest for encouraging ocean sciences and above all, ocean conservation. They gained worldwide notoriety for taking Google to new depths, with a specially developed underwater 360-degree camera, capable of revealing the oceans in Google Street View. As they state on their website, more people went virtual diving in the first week of its launch than have ever been diving in person. Amazingly, their imagery is the most viewed underwater imagery in history.

Million Dollar Point Photosphere

Million Dollar Point as viewed through The Ocean Agency’s new feature on Google Earth.

So, it was with much delight that the Museum was asked to assist them with their latest project War in the Pacific. This wonderful Google Earth journey lets anyone explore some of the more significant underwater WWII sites across the Pacific including our very own President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point sites. Using the same 360-degree underwater camera that was used for the Street View Project, you can explore the sites without getting your feet wet. What’s more, clicking on the links on the two Vanuatu locations will take you through to the Museum’s website.

Congratulations to The Ocean Agency for once again bringing the oceans to life in ways we never thought possible and sincere thanks for giving us the opportunity to play a small part in this exciting project.

To view War in the Pacific on Google Earth for yourself, simply click here, or paste this link into your browser.