P-38 Recovered On Santo

The remains of a P38 Lightning World War II wreckage was removed on the 29th of October from Milai plantation, approximately 9 kilometres from Luganville, to safe storage awaiting completion of the Museum. These heavy fighter and bomber WWII aircraft were the first fighters to fly faster than 400mph, and the only American fighter aircraft in production throughout WWII. An ID plate showing a serial number was spotted among a pile of debris and remains from what appeared to be a piece of the cockpit section could be the best piece of what’s left that will help unfold the untold stories of this wreckage. We are seeking assistance from historians and other experts to identify and relate the history of this P38 wreckage. Those who may assist in linking up the aircraft’s serial number information with its Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) are encouraged to contact us via our Contact Page. The aircraft had been moved out from its original crash site believed to be beneath the edge of Bomber 3 Airfield, one of the three bomber airfields on Santo, and had been stored at a copra plantation for more than 16 years.

Images of the recovery are in our Recoveries Gallery

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