January 20, 2020

Lengkon Tokon joins the Project Office team.

Today is a very special day for the South Pacific WWII museum as we welcome Lengkon Tokon to the Museum project. Lengkon is taking up the role of Office Manager, following the passing of our previous office manager Alma Wensi in May last year.

Our search for a replacement for Alma was a difficult one for us given the tremendous legacy he left behind. After sorting through the many applications we received, Lengkon stood out as the perfect candidate to continue our mission to see the Museum through to fruition.

Museum Committee Member Mary O’Reilly, who headed up the recruitment committee said, “Lengkon is an, experienced, friendly, and enthusiastic person. He has a desire to contribute to and become a valid member of the Santo community and sees the Museum Project as an opportunity to do that locally but has an immediate grasp of the global impact this could also have for Santo and Vanuatu.”

Lengkon comes to us from a diverse career in a variety of industries, most recently working for Air Vanuatu as the airline’s Airport Coordinator at Santo-Pekoa International Airport. He is fluent in English and Bislama and as Lengkon puts it, has “a basic grasp of the French language”, which will no doubt come in handy given the broad scope of visitors to the mini museum and Development Office.

Museum Chairman Bradley Wood is also very excited to have Lengkon coming on board. “Lengkon has some wonderful ideas and a work ethic that impressed me during the interview process”, Bradley said. “He also has a vision for how to improve his work places and provide development opportunities for his staff, which will be a tremendous asset to the Museum as we continue to grow.”

Lengkon is very much looking forward to his new role with us and envisages exciting times ahead for the Museum. “I see great potential in the South Pacific WWII Museum project for Santo, Vanuatu and the Ni-Vanuatu people. I can also see the potential for growth and the social contribution that this project can offer.” When you’re next in Luganville, come down to the Development Office and mini museum and and say hello to Lenkon and welcome him into his new role.