Museum Signs Lease on Land

On Friday 20th May, the Minister of Lands Ralph Regenvanu and the Chairman of The Elwood J. Euart Association signed the special lease for a new World War Two Museum in Luganville. The Elwood J. Euart Association is a charitable association established by residents of Luganville especially for the purpose of building and running this new museum. The Council of Ministers approved the granting of this special lease on state land one year ago already, but due to the change of government and other factors, the lease was not able to be signed until last Friday. With the lease now signed, the Association will have additional leverage in its fundraising efforts to raise the funds required to begin construction of the museum building. The museum all be built behind the Town Hall in the La Place area and the Association is required to begin construction within five years of the granting of the lease. The Lord Mayor of Luganville, Onen Gaviga, hosted the signing of the lease at the Luganville Town Hall along with most of the Luganville Municipal Councillors.