September 20. 2019

LCM makes it eight

The South Pacific World War II Museum has a new Navara Fund supporter, and one that is very familiar to the people of Espiritu Santo.

Rosemary and Richard Lo, the directors of LCM Limited, have joined the Fund, which helps support the operations of the Museum project office and team. LCM is the premier supermarket retailer in Luganville, Espiritu Santo.

Museum Chairman Bradley Wood receives a cheque from Matthew Lo, son of Rosemary and Richard Lo.

Rosemary and Richard have already been supporting the Museum through another of their well-known businesses in Luganville, Santo Hardware.

Rosemary Lo says they are delighted to join the Navara Fund and give additional support over the next three years to the project.

“The Museum will create a significant tourism destination and local jobs and further help develop the economy of Espiritu Santo and we are fully supportive of all those goals.”

Elwood J Euart Trust chairman Bradley Wood thanks the Lo’s for their support. “We already know from their past help that Rosemary and Richard are believers in our work, but this latest support is a great sign of confidence in us.”

The Navara Fund is named after the bislama for coconut seedling, and is a local and meaningful name for our seed fund. It allows local and international businesses, and individuals, to support our office and fund-raising work.

LCM joins seven other Navara Fund members:  Air Vanuatu, BSP Bank, TVL, Tropex Exports Limited, Henry Cumines Pty Ltd, Bob Hill, and the Thiele Boys. If you are interested in becoming a Navara Fund member, you can see more here at Navara Fund Information or contact us at