Museum Takes Flight With Digital Pigeon

Bob Hill & Alma Wensi

We’re always looking for more efficient ways of streamlining our workflow – particularly as the Museum has a number of contributors who are based outside of Vanuatu, principally in Australia and New Zealand. That’s why we’re very pleased to announce that Digital Pigeon

has come on board as a supporter, to assist us in the transfer of large files such as video edits and documents. With Vanuatu’s internet services being somewhat unpredictable at times, Digital Pigeon allows us to see who has accessed our files and whether they’ve been successfully downloaded, while always remaining ‘in the cloud’ should the connection fall over. Sean Gay, General Manager and Software Engineer at Digital Pigeon said, “We definitely want to support good causes when they arise. We’d love to get on board with the South Pacific World War II Museum and assist where we can.”

Digital Pigeon’s customer list includes major film production and post productions studios, recording studios, TV stations, advertising agencies and content producers. So the Museum is in good company.