New Friends In Darwin

The South Pacific World War II Museum is excited to announce that we have now entered into a partnership with the Darwin Military Museum (DMM) and the Royal Australian Artillery Association-NT (RAAA-NT), who own and operate the DMM in Darwin, Australia.

The Northern Territory city was attacked in February 1942 by aircraft from four Japanese carriers which had been a part of the attack on Pearl Harbour. The DMM features some impressive displays and presentations surrounding the attack on Darwin, as well as other aspects of military history in Australia’s ‘Top End’. It’s a very popular tourist destination for many thousands of visitors to Australia’s most northern city.

Both the DMM and RAAA-NT are proud to be associated with the South Pacific WWII Museum to assist with its development. We look forward to learning as much as we can from the DMM team about how they operate and then potentially applying some of their thinking to our project as the Museum grows.

Thanks again to the DMM for agreeing to provide us with assistance and to Australian war historian Dr Peter Williams who has helped facilitate the partnership.

The Darwin Military Museum is set amongst concrete gun emplacements and other fortifications in an area that was one of the most heavily fortified areas of Australia during the war. The museum features and impressive display of anti aircraft guns, vehicles, and items such as weapons and uniforms from World War II. It’s located at East Point, a short drive north of the centre of Darwin and is open 7 days a week. Gun emplacement photo courtesy of

You can find out more from the Darwin Military Museum website at