Bomber Airfield No 1

Upon completion of two fighter strips on Santo, Seabees constructed a 5000 foot (1524 metre) runway composed of Marsden Matting on an coral base to the north east of Luganville at Palikulo Bay. The airfield became known as Bomber Field No. 1. A wide variety of aircraft from the United States Marine Corps and Royal New Zealand Air Force operating from the strip including Catalina, Liberator, Hudson, Ventura, Kittyhawk, Wildcat, Dauntless and J2F Duck aircraft. Further information on Santo’s airfields can be found here.

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If you’d like to see where this gallery location fits into the bigger picture of life on Espiritu Santo during World War II, we’ve created an interactive map page. There you’ll find a Google Map of the south east corner of Santo with as many locations as possible marked out for you to explore. Clicking on the image will take you there.

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