March 7, 2020

Museum reaches out to Hollywood actor Tom Hanks.

Last year the South Pacific WWII Museum produced a short video. It was essentially an invitation to a very special person.

Research had shown that the Museum project wasn’t widely known, particularly in the United States, where we believe a large proportion of our funding will hopefully come from. To increase our profile in the US, we need a way of getting the project known in the wider world. To do that, we wanted to get Hollywood actor Tom Hanks to record a short message that we could use to help publicise the Museum.

The reason we have chosen Tom Hanks will become clear when you watch the video. However, to demonstrate to him the level of commitment behind the project, we filmed an invitation from Vanuatu’s Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trades, Ralph Regenvanu, Museum Chairman Bradley Wood and James Carter to encourage Tom to support us.

The video was put on USB flash drives, packaged up in hand-made boxes and couriered to his three agents in Los Angeles. Despite all the effort we went to, we didn’t hear a thing. We have tried time and time again for the past six months to engage many contacts, friends and business associates who we thought could help. Again, we came up empty.

So this week we went public with our video and posted it on social media. The aim was to get our wonderful supporters and friends to see if they can find a way to get our video in front of Tom. Given our broad supporter base, we were hoping someone, somewhere may have had dealings with Tom’s production company, or may know know his agents. Then again maybe someone knows Tom personally or has worked with him. All we’re asking for is that if anyone has a way into Tom, we’d be extremely grateful for their help in getting him to see our video. So far the Facebook post has reached almost 32,000 people and it’s continuing to gather momentum. Who knows, maybe when he gets some downtime on the Gold Coast in Australia where he’s filming Baz Luhrmann’s new Elvis film, he might get to see our video? Whatever the case if you can help spread the word, please head over to our Facebook page and share our post.

If you’d like to watch the video, either click on the photograph above or follow this link.