Can You Help

We receive a lot of email and Facebook messages from people hoping to help us out with their photographs, stories, news, collections and so the list goes on. But occasionally we receive requests from people asking for our help. 

George Chalkiadopoulos dropped us a message on our Facebook page regarding a pilot who served on Santo during World War II. It’s for a book he is working on about Greek/American pilots – which sounds like a fascinating and very unique book. Here’s what he had to say:

“Dear sir,

I’m searching information and photos (especially) about Lt Aleiviades Pappas.


I’m writing a book about Greek/Americans pilots who had been participated in the WWII and his Greek name was a very pleasant surprise for me!!!

Can you help me please? I would be grateful for any help!

I am not sure but I believe his unit was the Service Squadron 11 and was part of Marine Aircraft Group 11 (MAG-11).

In the wikipedia say: During this interim pre-deployment period, MAG-11 served as the nucleus of four new air groups destined for combat action in the Pacific. MAG-11 embarked for the South Pacific on 15 October 1942 on the SS Lurline (Mumu).

They left with no planes and were expected to fly what they found in the Pacific.[3] Squadrons from MAG-11, such as VMSB-132 and VMF-112 landed on Guadalcanal in early November and were among the first to relive the tired original aviators of the Cactus Air Force.[4] Arriving at Espiritu Santo in the New Hebrides Islands, the group launched offensive actions against enemy strongholds, air power, and shipping in the Solomon Islands.

During World War II, MAG-11 participated in combat action in the Solomon Islands, New Britain, Palau, Central Pacific Areas, and the Philippines”

If you know anything that you think might be of use to George, please reply to him in the comments section below or head over to our Facebook page.