Bank South Pacific re-signs as a Navara supporter

We would like to thank Bank South Pacific, and its general manager Nik Regenvanu, for re-signing for a second year as a member of the Museum Navara Fund.

The generous support of BSP Bank has helped us run our popular mini museum and project office in Luganville, and to carry out activities as we progress our fundraising aims. Elwood J Euart Chairman Bradley Wood received the Navara second year re-signing from the Luganville branch of BSP manager, Edwige Wensi.

BSP Logo.

Cheque handover at Project Office.
Chairman Bradley Wood with BSP Luganville manager Edwige Wensi.

We were delighted to give a small something in return – a framed silver medallion pressed from an authentic wartime die that the Museum holds. The medallion is handsomely framed with a picture taken during wartime of US soldiers and Ni-Vanuatu on a tank.

BSP is a leading bank in the South Pacific, and has branches across six countries in the region.

The bank has as its motto Our Culture is Our Strength, and their support is helping us develop an important cultural asset for the people of Vanuatu.

Our Navara Fund is named after the bislama for coconut seedling, and is a local and meaningful name for our seed fund.

Brad hands over a gift to BSP.
Bradley thanks Edwidge with a framed medallion from the Museum.

A close up of the Museum's gift to BSP.
The Navara thank you medallion framed with a wartime picture.